Hillside Beach

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I have put together some pictures I took of the cottages in Hillside Beach  during the last few years.

 They are divided into pictures of the old cottage, the Pen-Abode that was built in 1973 by my mother and her brother-in-law, and the cottage on North Shore Drive that we put up in 1978 as a family effort.

 Hillside Beach is a nice and quiet resort situated on the south east end of Lake Winnipeg, just below the estuary of the Winnipeg River.

 The Pan-Abode is a solid Cedar pre-fabbed cabin put out by the BC firm Pan-Abode. All the pieces come numbered and pre-cut. All that needs to be done is read the plan carefully and then put them together. Sort of like a mixture of Lego and Ikea.
 The Pen-Abode is on a double half-acre lot about ten minutes from the beach. On the other half of the lot is the first cabin my parents put up in 1970 as a centenial project. It was almost exclusively built from VW-parts crates, as my father worked for VW and my parents didn't have all that much money back then.

 The cabin on North Shore Drive was put up as a shell by a constuction firm. The whole family helped in doing the insides in 1978.
 The cabin is situated right on the lake with a view all the way to Gimli(on a nice sunny day). My mother and her friend Christa set up a bench on the bluffs there to watch the sunsets.

 The pictures of the beach are not very good this year. It was a very rainy spring and the water level in Lake Winnipeg was very high in August, so the beach is much smaller compared to what it usually is.